Deux univers, une même passion
Pierre-Olivier and Gerard started Maison Vantz Clippert less than 10 years ago. Gerard was always passionate about wines and Pierre-Olivier is the finest wine expert in this partnership. They both came into the Champagne world by intense passion, not particularly with the idea of making it an occupation.

“We soon realized that working with Champagne could never disappoint us, so we decided to jump in and create a new Champagne, which we knew would be an incredibly huge challenge.” They believed in their project because they knew they had access to the best quality fruit, access that was gained through the solid relationships they cultivated for many years.

Quality is their main focus: they pay careful attention to grape selection and crafting their wines using the most traditional methods, as well as letting the Champagne age long enough to develop the perfect aromas. They add very little sugar to their wine to let the grapes express themselves on their own.

“We make sure never to compromise our wines: for instance, we couldn’t find a great Pinot Meunier that was up to our standards, so we made the decision not to use this variety in our wines.” Because they are very particular about their grape quality, the production is limited, with 70-80,000 bottles a year.

Gerard and Pierre-Olivier did not want to put their own names on the label and preferred to rather give it a meaning. They chose “Vantz Clippert” which is the name of a 18th Century boat in France that came once every few months to bring culinary spice discoveries from other lands. “We want our Champagne to be a metaphor of these boats: traveling around and bringing joy, excitement and quality to each person that opens it.